August 23 2014,
Flea Market

Type: Shopping and Grooming

Brighton Flea Market is located in fashionable and bohemian Kemp Town Gay Village. It followed the same format as the original Newhaven flea market which had been started under the same management back in 1975. They have 60+ dealers selling furniture, retro, jewellery, records, collectables, ceramics, prints, mirrors all types of fabulous camp stuff that you can think of.

So next time you are wondering what to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon or your parents are visiting definitely pop in for a browse.

Things you might see there: A stuffed bear, Vintage car, Suit of armour, Head in a box, retro lamps, Penny in the slot machine, Bad taste cabinet, XK140, Submarine door, Hogs head, Player piano, Old bicycles, Digby the dog and more.... Hence why we're including this shop of wonders in our gay guide. Enjoy! 

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