October 25 2014,

Liverpool Gay Saunas and Sauna Events Calendar

Gay saunas are now an integral part of the gay scene in many British cities, and Liverpool gay saunas are no different. Gone are the days when gay saunas were small, often badly maintained and gave an uncomfortable, seedy environment. These days those such as gay saunas in Liverpool offer a small but relaxing environment with improved facilities. Whilst in cities such as Liverpool gay saunas are not located in a out and "in your face" way, they are nonetheless friendly environments where discretion if often key, and safety is paramount, hence staff at hand as well as free condoms and lube.

Liverpool gay saunas have been known to attract a varied crowd, from young twinks to the post clubbing crowd, to bisexual professionals to older men. Some gay saunas even have themed nights these days such as foam parties in London, naked nights, underwear nights, student nights, etc. It really depends on the place.

Enqueer is pleased not only to showcase gay saunas in Liverpool, we also present Liverpool's exclusive Sauna Events Calendar (below) so be sure to keep an eye out for any special nights! Enjoy, and play safe boys!

Liverpool Saunas Events Calendar
This week

Saturday, 25 October

No events

Sunday, 26 October

No events

Monday, 27 October

No events

Tuesday, 28 October

No events

Wednesday, 29 October

No events

Thursday, 30 October

No events

Friday, 31 October

No events
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